Rough Cut Feedback

This is our Rough Cut.

It is almost perfect however we had a few sound issues and realised that a few ‘black shots’ were too long and also some were not needed.

Apart from that this Rough Cut is nearly the finished video.

Focus Group

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Focus Groups

What do you think of Crime thrillers?

The majority of the ten 6th Formers I asked this question said they like Crime Thrillers once I gave them an example of a Crime Thriller. The example I gave was The Dark Knight which is a very popular Crime Thriller. Out of Ten 6th formers I asked 9/10 liked crime thrillers. The one person who did not like Crime Thrillers only watches comedy films.


          What is your favorite Crime Thriller?

When I asked the 6th formers what their favorite Crime Thriller was they were saying films which had nothing to do with crime, and was just saying their favorite Thriller films. What I did to resolve this problem was give them 5 different Crime Thriller films and asked them to pick their favorite one. The majority’s favorite Crime Thriller was the Dark Knight.

          What makes a good thriller opening?

     The majority of the 6th Formers said that an opening with either action, suspense or gore was a good one.

 What makes a bad thriller opening?

The majority of the 6th formers said that too much information about the film makes a bad thriller opening.

This was the focus group i asked. They were 6th form students at Coopers Coborn, aged 16-18.

Do you like the film to start full of action or to build up to action?

Out of the group I asked the general consensus was that they don’t want the beginning to be cramped with too much action and drama but also on the other hand they don’t want it to be dull and boring. One man said he wants a simple piece of drama that is not complicated e.g. a killing, and for the film to tell the story of how and why this happened.

 Do you like the idea of ‘comedy’ being in a crime Thriller?

This was a clear-cut answer from the group who told me they don’t want the film to be anyway based on the comedy and in fact the opposite they wanted it to be serious. Although they said in films they did enjoy a few one liners or cheesy line after a serious part in the film.

Do you like the idea of foreshadowing and dramatic irony to occur in a thriller?

In this question there was a mixed reaction from the group, some wanted to know bits of information that guided the film and felt in pulled them in, these people also said they didn’t want too much to be given away as they felt that would ruin the film. The other opinion was they wanted everything to be a surprise and to constantly be shocked and surprised at what was going to happen next.

Do you like the idea of a film ending on a Cliff hanger?

The overwhelming majority thought that cliff hangers are a good idea but included that it should not be the main storyline left untold but instead a smaller piece of information left to make people think and talk about how they think it ends. Also they said that it would encourage them to see the second film in that sequence.  

This focus group was one my peer Max Clarke did. He asked a group of adults aged between 25-60.


To evaluate the whole experience of collecting research i would say that the most helpful type of research was the Focus Group. I think that this was the most helpful because from our results we could clearly see which audience would prefer to see a Crime Thriller and which would prefer to see another type of thriller. From the results of the Focus Group it has helped me and my peer to decide which type of thriller we would like to do, which is most likely going to be a Crime Thriller.

The Facebook status I made was also extremely helpful because of the fact that the results were very varied, as the ages of the people who commented were varied and the gender was very mixed. I think that the Facebook status was a good way of also finding out what the majority’s favorite type of thriller film was, and this helped me in deciding what type of thriller i would like my end film to be, which again is most likely to be a Crime Thriller.

The questionnaires were also helpful in the sense that our results represented everyone, and not a specific type or group of people. We asked people aged from 16-60, including teachers, pupils, parents and grandparents. This enabled us to see on a whole what the majority prefered, rather than a particular type of person, which is what the focus group did.

However things such as twitter were not very helpful because of the fact that i have a lot more friends on Facebook then i do on twitter, therefore there were no responses on twitter. To conclude the social network Facebook was a great amount more helpful in collecting statistical results then the social network twitter was.

How will this effect your treatment?

This will affect my treatment in the sense that me and my peer max are not going to make anything too predictable in our thriller. We will try to make suspense and high as possible and also make the audience be at ‘the edge of their seats’ through out the whole film. Also this has effected my treatment as we have eliminated several types of thriller genres, which were possibilities at first, therefore we have narrowed it down to 2 possible genres, Crime Thriller and Action Thriller. The reason we picked these 2 types of thrillers for our Thriller was because of the fact that in our Primary and Secondary research these 2 genres were the most popular.

Diary Entry

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We got intouch with the actor we wished to perform in are short film. He agreed to do the acting, his name is Mark Starling and he has been acting for many years so we are confident in his acting ability. We are now discussing through differnt places to film the individual shots and sequences.

Soundtrack Research

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Animatic Feedback

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Amy Lester

I think that the idea is a very good idea, however the actual animatic could have been improved and the music in the background was unneccisary.


I think that again the idea was very good and also i liked the music which was in the background as it gave it a natural feel. The animatic was ok but the idea was the best for me.


Very good idea, animatic could have been better and some shots were too long.


Good idea, could include more variety of shots.

Joe Jordan

The animatic was a bit to fast for my liking, but the music was very good and i like the fact that there was a longer duration of seeing a shot which had more detail in it.

Joe Bilton

Very good and i think your opening will be very good.